SophiaHat is a professional Sound Recording Space available at project studio prices.  We provide a creative space and the tools for you to capture your sounds as you hear it. Our main space is located near Green Lake/Phinney Ridge in Seattle, convenient for most folks in town and surrounded by plenty of distractions to keep the creative juices flowing.

We also have an additional space just north of Lake City that is perfect for overdubs, editing and mixing.

Our Schtick

We offer 96 track recording, mixing and mastering for bands, voice over, film and video sound, and audio and MIDI production services. Check out our Services page for more specifics.

Our space is large for a home studio, over 600 square feet of recording space! We have individual headphone monitor mixers and video cameras/monitors so you can see and hear exactly what you need. The vibe is warm and the staff are friendly and fast.