Although sometime overrated, the audio gear you use to capture your performance can make or break your recording. It is important to maintain the highest quality in your signal chain; from the microphone, to cabling, to preamp, to converters, to outboard gear, to software plugin, and finally to speakers. We are proud of our choice of gear and think you should be too.

Digital Recorders

Pro Tools

We are a digital based multitrack studio and offer several recording mediums. Most of the work we do however is in ProTools. Currently we run Pro Tools 10.3.9 with a Black Lion modified 002 system. Although it is not a TDM system, we use the Complete Production Toolkit to unlock all of the features of the larger TDM systems. For the clients that means higher track counts, more editing features like Beat Detective across multiple tracks, multitrack Quickpunch, ultrasmooth pitch and time editing, etc,. Through session file import/export we can also accommodate projects in all formats including Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Acid, Live, GarageBand, Audition, Audacity, Sound Forge and Digital Performer. Projects can be delivered in these formats as well as all other standard mix formats. In addition to ProTools, We use Waveburner for CD mastering projects.

2-Track Recorders Control Surfaces
Fostex CR300 Euphonix MC Control
Studer D780 Neyrinck V-Control Pro


Manufacturer Quantity & Model
AKG 1 - 414 2 - C1000 2 - C3000 2 - C3000B 1 - D112
Audio Technica 1 - ATM25 1 - AT4033
Audix 1 - D5
Bruel & Kjaer 2 - B&K 4011
Beyer Dynamic 2 - M88 TG 1 - M160N(C)
Chameleon Labs 1 - TS-2
Earthworks 2 - TC40k
ElectroVoice 1 - EV ND 468 1 - EV ND 358 2 - EV RE20
Josephson 2 - C42
Neumann 1 - TLM 103 1 - SM69 FET
Pacific Pro Audio 1 - PPA R-2
Rode 1 - K-2
Royer 2 - R121 1 - SF12
Sennheiser 1 - 421 3 - 604
Shiny Box Audio 1 - 46 MXL
Shure 2 - SM57
Sony 2 - C48

Outboard Gear

Although we are mostly “in the box”, we do have the following available:

Preamps Compressors Reverbs Sweeteners
1 - UA 4-710 7 - Focusrite RED 3 2 - Lexicon PCM80 1 - BBE Sonic Maximizer
1 - UA LA-610 1 - DBX 166 XLV
1 - Focusrite 428 1 - DBX 266
4 - Focusrite RED 1

Software Plugins

In addition to the standard set of plug ins and virtual instruments included in Pro Tools and Logic 9, we also have these gems:

Manufacturer Quantity & Model
Antares AutoTune EVO
Celomony Melodyne Editor
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Symphonic Choirs Platinum Ra Goliath
Voices of Passion Storm Drum Pianos Gold
Eventide Ultrachannel
Ina-GRM GRM Bandpass GRM Comb Filter GRM Contrast GRM Delays GRM Doppler
GRM Equalize GRM Evolution GRM Freeze GRM Fusion GRM Grinder
GRM Pitch Accumulator GRM Reson GRM Shift GRM Shuffling GRM Warp
Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Reaktor 5 Absynth 5 Massive
Traktor FM8 Guitar Rig 3 Battery 3
SoundToys Little Radiator Radiator Little Microshift
Trillium Labs TL Space
Universal Audio CS-1 EL7 Fatso EMT 140 Fairchild Lexicon 224
Neve 88RS Ocean Way Studios Pultec EQP-1A Pultec Pro RealVerb Pro
Studer A800 Teletronix LA-2A UA 1176 LN UA 1176 SE
WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 5
Waves Aphex Aural Exciter API-550 API-560 API-2500 AudioTrack
Bass Rider C1 C4 C6 C360
Center CLA Bass CLA Drums CLA Effects CLA Guitars
CLA Unplugged CLA Vocals CLA-2A CLA-3A CLA-76
Waves DeBreath DeEsser DLA Doppler Durrough Surround
Doubler EddieKramer Bass EddieKramer Drums EddieKramer Effects EddieKramer Guitar
EddieKramer Vocals Enigma GTR Amp GTR Stomp GTR ToolRack
GTR Tuner H-Comp H-Delay H-EQ IDR
Waves InPhase IR-1 IR-360 IR-L JJP-Bass
JJP-Cymb-Perc JJP-Drums JJP-Guitars JJP-Strings JJP-Vocals
Kramer HLS Kramer PIE Kramer Tape L1 L2
L3Multi L3 Ultra L3-16 Filterbanks L3-16 L3-LL Multi
Waves L3-LL Ultra L360 LFE 360 LinEQ LinMB
LoAir Maserati ACG Maserati B72 Maserati DRM Maserati GRP
Maserati GTi Maserati HMX Maserati VX1 MaxxBass MaxxVolume
MetaFlanger MondoMod Morphoder MV2 MV360
Waves One Knob Brighter One Knob Driver One Knob Filter One Knob Louder One Knob Phatter
One Knob Pressure One Knob Wetter PAZ PS 22 PuigChild
PuigTec Q-Clone Q10 R360 RBass
RChannel RComp RDeEsser RenAxx REQ
Waves RVerb RVox S1 S360 SoundShifter
SSL Channel SSL Comp SSL EQ SuperTap TransX
TrueVerb UltraPitch UM VComp VEQ3
VEQ4 Vocal Rider W43 Waves Tune WLM
Waves WNS X-Click X-Crackle X-Hum X-Noise


Pianos Guitar Amps Guitar Effects Electronic Drums
Fandrich 6'8 Rivera R100 Line 6 POD XT Live Yamaha Drums
Yamaha Clavinova Mesa Boogie 5‑25 Boss Gt‑6
Henriksen Jazz Guitar Amp Roland GR‑33
Polytone Mini‑Brute


Stereo 5.1 Surround Subwoofer Headphones Monitor Mixers
Genelec 1031 ADAM A3x ADAM Sub 12 2 - Audio Technica ATH-D40fs Aviom A-16ii
Genelec HT205 2 - Audio Technica ATH-M40fs
Event PS6 2 - Sony MDR-7506

One trait that sets us apart from other small studios is our individual monitoring setup. Headphone mixers by Aviom and video camera/monitor stations for visual contact. The Avioms give every musician (up to five) 16 channels of audio for them to mix to their own taste. Most people find this quite liberating when tracking or doing overdubs. It also frees us up to work exclusively on the sound of the instruments rather than futz with everyone's headphone mix. On top of that it cuts back on setup time which makes everyone happy!