Digital Recording

Multi Format Digital Recording

MultiFormat Digital Recording
We are a digital based multitrack studio and offer several recording mediums. Most of the work we do however is in ProTools. Currently we run Pro Tools 9 with a Black Lion modified 002 system. Although it is not a TDM system, we use the Complete Production Toolkit to unlock all of the features of the larger TDM systems. For the clients that means higher track counts, more editing features like Beat Detective across multiple tracks, multitrack Quickpunch, ultrasmooth pitch and time editing, etc,. We can also accommodate projects in Logic and Digital Performer. Projects can be delivered in these formats as well as all other standard mix formats. In addition to ProTools, we use Audition, Waveburner and an Alesis Masterlink for mastering projects.

Although we work mostly in the box, both locations use digital mixers for monitoring during tracking and occasionally for summing at mixdown. While we do not depend on them to shape the sound or use their converters, we treat them like control surfaces with digital patching capabilities. The Green Lake location uses a Tascam DM24 and the Lake City space uses a Mackie D8B.

Mics and Preamps

Mics and Preamps

Our mic locker includes: AKG 414, 2-Josephson C42s, Rode K-2, Neumann TLM 103, 2-Earthworks TC40k, Shiny Box 46 MXL Ribbon, PPA R-2 Stereo Ribbon, Royer R121, Chameleon Labs TS-2, 2-AKG C3000s and D112, AT-4033, Sennheiser 421, EV ND 468 and 358, 2-SM57, AKG C451, and 2-AKG C1000s.

Our Preamps include 2-Daking #52270s, a Universal Audio 4-710 and LA-610, a Focusrite 428, and a Presonus Digimax as well as the Black Lion modified 002R preamps, which incidentally sound great.

Direct Injection boxes by A Designs and Radial

Outboard Gear

Outboard Gear

Outboard Gear
Although we are mostly "in the box", we do have the following available:

DBX 266
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Lexicon MPX 500
Roland SDE 330
Roland SRV 330
Lexicon PCM91
Kurzweil KSP8
Frostwave Resonator
Hughes and Kettner Replex Delay

MIDI Hardware

MIDI Keyboards and Modules

For you retro gearheads out there, here's a list of our MIDI gear. Please call ahead to ensure the gear you need is onsite for your session.

EMS Synthi AKS Oxford Oscar
Sequential Circuits Pro One Novation Supernova II Pro X
Ensoniq Fizmo Roland JD-800
Yamaha FS1R Future Retro 777
Korg Wavestation SR x2 Korg Wavestation A/D
Oberheim Xpander Roland D550
Technics WSA1 Roland JP-8000
Akai S6000 Emu Planet Earth
Roland R70 Kat Trapkat
Nord Electro

Plugins and Virtual Instruments

Plugins and Virtual Instruments

We use the entire suite of tools from within the Waves Mercury Bundle, the Waves SSL and API collections, Avid Complete Production Toolkit 2, the Universal Audio UAD-2 card with emulations of classics by Neve, Pultec, Fairchild and Teletronix. In addition, we also have the Melodyne Editor and Autotune EVO hanging around in the shadows.

If you need sampled sounds to flesh out your arrangement, we have a large selection of high quality content. In addition to the large instrument library included with Logic, we also have the Native Instruments Komplete 7 including: Kontakt, Reaktor, Absynth, Massive, Traktor, Guitar Rig, and Battery. Last but not least, we also have library of sounds from the MOTU Ethno collection and the Mach V sampler.

Acoustic Instruments and Amps

Real Instruments and Amplifiers

We have recently added a Fandrich 6' 8 grand piano to our main room. It is absolutely a wonderful instrument to play and record. Check out the Fandrich Piano website.

Guitar Amps and Effects
Here's a list of our guitar amps and pedals available:
Fractal Audio Axe-FX Standard
Orange OR80
Laney Pro Tube 100
1977 Marshall JMP 100watt
1976 Hiwatt Custom 50watt
Demeter Silent Speaker Cabinet
Hughes and Kettner Access Preamp
Framptone Talkbox
Rivera R100
Mesa Boogie 5-25
Henriksen Jazz Guitar amp
Polytone Mini Brute II
Boss Gt-60
Line 6 POD XT Live
Roland GR-33


Monitoring and Headphones

Individual Headphone mixers and video monitors

At our Green Lake location we have pairs of Genelec 1031s and Event PS6s for stereo monitoring. For mixing in 5.1 we use the ADAM A3x for L,C,R,LS,RS along with the ADAM Sub 12. At Lake City there are Mackie HR824s.

Individual Monitors
One trait that sets us apart from other small studios is our individual monitoring setup. Headphone mixers by Aviom and video camera/monitor stations for visual contact. The avioms give every musician (up to five) up to 16 channels of audio for them to mix to their own taste. Most people find this quite liberating when tracking or doing overdubs. It also frees us up to work exclusively on the sounds rather than futz with everyone's headphone mix. On top of that it cuts back on setup time which makes everyone happy!

Note: Because we work out of two locations, some of the gear may need to be reserved in advance. It's best make this arrangement when scheduling your session.

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